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Where is ExxonMobile’s Doomsday Clock?

Actually, that should read “Giga Ton Clock.” As this new article in Rolling Stone makes painfully clear, the math is simple. If we restrict future CO2 emissions to less than 565 gigatons, we might – hopefully – restrict climate change … Continue reading

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Contemporary Deities: Asphaltia

Names and titles: Asphaltia, Our Lady of Traffic, Changer of Stoplights, Who Bestows Parking Spaces. Symbols and correspondences: Good luck charms hanging from rearview mirrors, especially bells or chimes as representatives of Air, Element of movement and travel Offerings or … Continue reading

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Given names: Up now at the Slacktiverse!

I’ve got a new piece up at the Slacktiverse called “Given names,” on the topic of names and power. I draw from several different examples and intersections: military interactions, men using women’s names to create an unwanted sense of intimacy, … Continue reading

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When ads are annoying, now with added irony

Edited to add: I originally titled this post “What I hate about Patheos,” and while I said that I didn’t mean to attack anyone who works with Patheos, I managed to sound as though I was, and I’m deeply sorry … Continue reading

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Divination apps on iPad

Here are quick reviews of a handful of free divination apps available on the iPad. This isn’t all the apps available, but it is most of the free ones related to runes and Tarot, my preferred divination methods. Sadly, only … Continue reading

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My iPad and my feminism

After raving about the iPad’s capabilities, it’s only fair to point out that the technology is only as good as people make it. There’s a lot of stuff on the iPad app store that really annoys me, and most of … Continue reading

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My iPad and my Paganism

I got an iPad 2 recently and I’ve been thrilled with a handful of apps on it that are very useful to me as a Pagan, so I thought I’d do a quick overview. I’m sorry, I’m not sophisticated enough … Continue reading

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