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Further thoughts

Follow-ups to a couple of recent posts, plus other assorted thoughts. Guns: Salon explains why the answer is not more guns: But perhaps the biggest problem is the philosophy underpinning notions to arm more people. Goddard of the Brady campaign … Continue reading

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After Thanksgiving, support the rights of workers

It’s appropriate that American Thanksgiving falls in the Samhain season. Part of the work of Samhain should be bringing in the harvest and being grateful for it. I see Thanksgiving as a way to continue the work of the season. … Continue reading

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At PaganSquare: Who do Pagans boycott?

Over at Forging Futures in the PaganSquare, I argue that boycotts are a magical tool that we ought to be using in self-defense a lot more often.

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Two women in North Carolina

In the wake of the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina, I’m going to give homage to two women who were important to me. Their interactions with me continue to give me hope that the people of NC are … Continue reading

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Party like it’s 1929

I think the Witches’ Pyramid can be understood as a cycle: being silent and listening to the answers to tough questions, like “Why does the commissary take food stamps?,” is a way to gather knowledge to move into a new … Continue reading

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Why does the commissary take food stamps?

The Witches’ Pyramid is a saying about the steps to take action: to know, to will, to dare, and to be silent. I’ve said before that I believe this is a cycle, and that being silent means listening, paying attention … Continue reading

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Standing up for Women’s Health

Bianca stands for Planned Parenthood Yesterday’s rally and lobbying effort was an exciting day for me. I walked the halls of Congress, mostly looking for the signs with maps of the buildings, and stood up for human rights, sometimes in … Continue reading

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