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SCOTUS Endorses Government Prayer (updated)

Why the Supreme Court decision on town government prayer is bad news for religious minorities. Continue reading

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Forbes taking the Maetreum seriously

One of my covenmates sent me a link to an item on the Forbes website about the recent victory of the Maetreum of Cybele in their court case to have their religious real estate ruled tax-exempt. Especially given some of … Continue reading

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Virginia religious liberty: ACLU petition to lawmakers

The Virginia ACLU has a concise rundown of concerns with bills that threaten religious liberty, and an opportunity for you to contact your legislators about those bills. I was thinking about the problems I had with a proposed amendment to … Continue reading

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Virginia recognizes me as clergy!

My reapplication today was successful! The Arlington County Court has officially granted me authorization to perform marriages. The process was not entirely painless. Once again, the person who handles the paperwork – I’m not sure if she’s a secretary or … Continue reading

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Reapplying to the court on Monday

I have high hopes that the Arlington county court will recognize me as clergy soon! The court responded to the letter from Americans United by apologizing for the “miscommunication” between the clerk of court and myself. They said that I … Continue reading

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AU sends letter in support of recognizing me as clergy

Today Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter to the Arlington County Court in support of my application to perform weddings. They are very clear about the situation: Your denial of Priestess Hurley’s application violated the … Continue reading

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4th of July: Preparing for the long haul

Many people have commented or emailed me to offer their support and assistance with regard to the difficulty I’m having being recognized as clergy. I cannot thank everyone enough; simply knowing that I’m not alone makes a tremendous difference, and … Continue reading

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