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Contemporary Deities: Eris and Weasel Wicca

I’m going to feature some pieces and guest posts further exploring contemporary deities. If you’ve got one to suggest, please write to me at literatahurley at gmail. One of my favorite examples of a ha-ha-only-serious approach to religion is Weasel … Continue reading

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The Great Cat in the Sky

Hecate recently quoted the new American Poet Laureate: Isn’t that what it’s about – pretending there’s an alert cat who leaves nothing to chance. And all the jokes about Ceiling Cat aside (srsly!), this made me think of one of … Continue reading

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Ecstatic Tarot

I think Tarot is often an ecstatic experience, but not in the way we usually think about ecstasy. Most people, even most devoted Tarot readers, wouldn’t describe Tarot as necessarily a joyful experience. A lot of people who only get … Continue reading

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Review: Edghill, Bell, Book, and Murder

Edghill, Rosemary. Bell, Book, and Murder: The Bast Novels. Paperback, 448 pages. Forge, 1998. Omnibus edition of Speak Daggers to Her, 1994, Book of Moons, 1995, and The Bowl of Night, 1996, by the same author. These three novels are … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me to “free my mind”

One of the writers on the same Pagan e-zine that I write for posted an article this past month that made me truly furious. I commented on it, and she replied with a non-reply, so I’m going to express my … Continue reading

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Element Associations: an exercise

I’ve been reading some of Mary K. Greer’s excellent books on Tarot lately. One of my favorite things about Greer’s books is that she includes lots of interactive exercises for the reader. This can make just flipping through the books … Continue reading

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Magic and headology

A friend loaned me a few books by Terry Pratchett over the weekend, and I have joyfully immersed myself in the Discworld. Perhaps one of the things most interesting to me is Granny Weatherwax’s approach to using – and not … Continue reading

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