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Mabon – The Myth of Progress

I’m continuing to republish a series of articles on the Sabbats originally written in 2011. Mabon, the autumn equinox, is something of a blank slate. In the Wheel of the Year, the “cross-quarter days” are Celtic fire festivals; the other … Continue reading

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Happy Mabon! The Myth of Progress and a book review

Happy autumn equinox to everyone! The Myth of Progress is my article about Mabon at the Slacktiverse: This is what I love about Mabon; more, perhaps, than any other Sabbat, it is a festival about which Pagans are actively making … Continue reading

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Social change, socialization, and the end of DADT

How ending DADT will spread the idea of equality for people of all orientations among parts of the US population which have previously been most homophobic. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” compromise which allowed gays and lesbians to be members … Continue reading

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Loving v. Virginia, 44 years on

Last night, LitSpouse and I attended a viewing of the documentary The Loving Story and a panel discussion afterwards about the Supreme Court case that ended miscegenation laws. It was eye-opening in many ways; I encourage people to become familiar … Continue reading

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