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Speaking from (thin) privilege

There’s a dustup in the Paganiblogosphere right now that was kicked off by an elder speaking about his “concern” about obesity among Pagans. This was not a good example of someone with privilege speaking carefully to those without. Peter Dybing … Continue reading

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Christian Privilege

Here’s a very interesting reflection on the nature of Christian privilege that includes an “invisible knapsack” type list of specific examples of privilege. I recently thought about constructing a list like this, but ultimately decided not to; it would be … Continue reading

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Cry me a river about your bumper sticker

In a piece at Salon, writer (and ZOMG secret liberal) Lizz Schumer describes coming face-to-face with her family’s conservative worldview: We agreed to disagree that afternoon, and the bumper sticker lives in my desk drawer to this day because I … Continue reading

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Evangelical tribalism and persecuted hegemons

I really respect Fred Clark who writes the Slacktivist blog over at Patheos. He’s an evangelical Christian who has the increasingly rare talent (among evangelical Christians) of being able to stand outside his group and look at things from others’ … Continue reading

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Beliefnet shows anti-Pagan bias

They reported on the upcoming Celebration of the Divine Feminine and Religious Freedom, but managed to do so in a tone that presents Pagans as weird, fringy characters who probably just don’t like God, prayer, America, and apple pie. I … Continue reading

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You’re not doing me any favors

In the midst of a wonderful and spirited discussion on social and political matters this weekend, the following exchange took place: Someone mentioned the “Mormonism is a cult” news splash. The lady next to me turned to me and said, … Continue reading

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Given names: Up now at the Slacktiverse!

I’ve got a new piece up at the Slacktiverse called “Given names,” on the topic of names and power. I draw from several different examples and intersections: military interactions, men using women’s names to create an unwanted sense of intimacy, … Continue reading

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