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Magic for the buds

Tonight I’m snuggled up and trying to stay warm while (yet another) snowstorm hits, here in February when we might expect things to be getting if not spring-like then at least a little milder. Tonight I will chant the names … Continue reading

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Columbia, help us rise

My dear friend Hecate is fond of calling Washington, District of Columbia her shining city on a swamp. It’s an apt metaphor for politics. Columbia, help us rise above the swamp, and shine again. Columbia’s district isn’t quite as swampy … Continue reading

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For Boston

May Brigid bring healing to all who need it – including the caregivers. May Morrigan help us understand what happened so that we can respond appropriately. May Manannan help us steer through this storm. May Lu show us his bright … Continue reading

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Balancing, moving to the light

This week the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about striking down DOMA and Prop 8 in favor of marriage equality. I concentrated some of my Ostara work on this subject, and I will be taking part in an interfaith … Continue reading

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Reiki Principles

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in Adam Miramon’s Intuitive Reiki Level I course through the Reflections Mystery School. Like others there, I had received a Reiki attunement previously, but I wanted more in-depth study and reflection on the … Continue reading

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A prayer to Justice

Since conservative Christians have decided to go on a prayer offensive about the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on the Affordable Care Act, and will do so again in hopes of trying to take away women’s freedoms, here is my prayer … Continue reading

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Ways to support Columbia

Here are some ideas of ways you can participate in supporting Columbia and defending religious liberty against the upcoming “siege” of DC by fringe Christians.

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