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SCOTUS Endorses Government Prayer (updated)

Why the Supreme Court decision on town government prayer is bad news for religious minorities. Continue reading

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School Prayer: Do conservatives really want what they might get?

Today I called the office of a Virginia senator and told his staffer that if the senator didn’t want me to open a high school math class by praying to the goddess Kali, he ought to take my advice and … Continue reading

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The continuum between magic and prayer

On a discussion thread where the topics of miracles, magic, and sacraments had come up, I recently posted the following: I’m one of the people who uses magic in a sort-of sacramental sense, so I’ll take a stab at chiming … Continue reading

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My daily practice

Hecate points out the importance of our daily practice. Daily practice is a big part of what witches are for. My daily practice is getting much more steady, and the more I do it, the more I find it is … Continue reading

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