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Protect us all, or let it be

Since the Supreme Court affirmed that the execrable calumny produced by Fred Phelps’ clan (Westboro Baptist Church) is protected speech, Congress is considering passing laws that would expand the exclusion zones of time and space around military funerals. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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Protected speech: Ur doin it rong.

Slacktivist recently argued that If [groups spouting anti-gay diatribes] have been arguing in good faith all along, then they will be gladdened by yesterday’s decision. They will be happy to learn that they need not fear any abridgment of their … Continue reading

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Creeps and Shariah

A perfect and perfectly horrifying example has emerged of what I was talking about when I said that the American Religious Right is in favor of their own version of the religious laws they pretend to defend us against. CBS … Continue reading

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Witches’ Pyramid in action: Ban large handgun magazines

After I wrote about how the Witches’ Pyramid helped me understand how to frame my response to the Arizona shootings, I’ve been working on acting in accord with my words. One of the best opportunities for doing so is to … Continue reading

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News flash: Ending DADT will be a non-event

Fox News uses “Fair and Balanced” as its tagline. What Fox really means by that is “Since all the media except us have a liberal bias, we need to be extremely conservative in order to balance them out. It’s only … Continue reading

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Possible evidence for precognition?

A paper is about to be published in a peer-reviewed journal that shows possible evidence for precognition. Rather than pursuing the usual parapsychology tests for psi effects, such as Zener cards, psychologist Daryl Bem has taken some standard psychology experiments … Continue reading

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Order of the Pentacle News from Circle Sanctuary

On Sunday, October 31, 2010, a memorial was held for Pagan Navy veteran Bruce Kirk Parsons at Circle Cemetery, located at Circle Sanctuary headquarters near Barneveld, Wisconsin. Several members of the Order of the Pentacle assisted Selena Fox, high priestess … Continue reading

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