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How many major arcana to expect in a Tarot reading?

For the last topic in my series on mathematical investigations of Tarot, I want to discuss how many major arcana cards should be expected in a typical spread of ten cards. The answer to this is a little difficult to … Continue reading

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How reversals create more Tarot arrangements

In my first piece on the number of Tarot arrangements I only looked at how many different arrangements are possible considering cards in positions of a given spread, and I didn’t take into account reversals. Now, not everyone reads with … Continue reading

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How many Tarot spreads are there?

Ever wondered how many different three-card spreads were possible? Or Celtic Cross spreads? Read on to find out – it’s probably more than you think! Continue reading

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How many reversed cards in a Tarot reading?

How many reversed cards should we expect in an average Tarot reading? The binomial probability distribution helps us refine our intuition to understand that six to eight reversals out of ten is normal. Continue reading

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Zombies, tokenism, and greatness

xkcd, a great geeky webcomic, features Zombie Marie Curie in today’s strip. ZMC says she’s tired of being THE token female scientist and spends some time talking about other great women scientists and mathematicians, but her real point is: You … Continue reading

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What do we teach? Where’s the proof?

In a recent tutoring session, I told my student the following riddle: A father is driving his son to a baseball game when they are involved in a car accident. The man is killed instantly; the boy is badly injured … Continue reading

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The Foolish Student’s Journey through Calculus

For fun, I decided to do a quick comparison of the Major Arcana of the Tarot with the chapters of the first book I came across with approximately 22 chapters. Since I am an eclectic soul, the first such book … Continue reading

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