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I refuse to live in fear

Since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, there has been the inevitable “but it’s eeeevil and will make your kids into witches and Satanists!” nonsense from conservative Christians. In one such bit of scaremongering, I … Continue reading

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Review: O’Gaea, Family Wicca

O’Gaea, Ashleen. Family Wicca: Practical paganism for parents and children. Revised and expanded edition. New Page Books, 2006. Paperback, 255 pages. It’s not often I can start a book review with these words: I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all … Continue reading

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Meditating on a meteorite

It knows, I said, about moving and about being still. Long ago, I said that about this rock this piece of what we fight over and you were right to give it to me in the midst of all that … Continue reading

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The art of facing death

In this season when Wicca calls me to face the fact of mortality, I found a short piece on the poet Thomas Lynch to be deeply touching. Mr. Lynch says, “Mortality as a condition is one that I don’t think … Continue reading

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Costumes, identity, and love

I’ve been debating about it for a while, but I give up: I’m going to blog about social issues, and maybe even (gasp!) politics. I’m already writing about religion. I might as well include the other untouchable subject. And then … Continue reading

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Open-ended promises

Like many Wiccans and Pagans, I was raised Christian. Unusually, I was raised Christian by a father who had a doctorate in theology. Although Dad believed that women couldn’t be pastors, he spent a fair amount of my childhood passing … Continue reading

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