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My plant as an altar

Hecate has written passionately piece about how her garden can be an intensely demanding lover, especially right now, when it never stops needing her attention, and the relationship, I can only imagine, is sweaty and exhausting, and I hope satisfying. … Continue reading

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Review: Starhawk, The Pagan Book of Living and Dying

I have not had new posts for a while because an uncle of mine died, and I was spending time supporting my mother and being with family. As a result, I drew heavily on this book, which I had had … Continue reading

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Act III: Paging Nurse Empathy

This series was started by an odd confluence of events: I saw the performance of Dr. Horrible, and shortly thereafter I ended up on one of those random Web-walks exploring doctors’ and nurses’ blogs. It started with ER humor, but … Continue reading

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Objective fear, Part II

In Part I, I talked about how a conservative Objectivist mindset transforms the existence of those in need into a perceived threat. The catalyst for this weird transformation of perception is fear, the fear which is the touchstone and the … Continue reading

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Why love spells go pear-shaped

All right, everybody, time for your friendly local Witch to offer a February Public Service Announcement: Don’t do love spells. Just don’t. Why? Because they go wrong. Yes, there are also issues of consent. (How would you feel if someone … Continue reading

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Bringing the outdoors in

Continuing my series of thoughts on living in relationship and daily practice, I want to talk about a Wiccan idea that often gets taken too superficially: bringing the outdoors in. A lot of people talk about how you can make … Continue reading

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Living with, not dying from disease

This is in some ways a follow up to “I refuse to live in fear.” The NY Times has a brief interview with the author of a new book, After the Diagnosis: Transcending Chronic Illness. This is something near and … Continue reading

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