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Expanded Chakra System

I wrote previously about the seven chakra system, but there are several variations possible. I currently work with an expanded system of nine chakras which includes additional chakras above and below the original seven. Ultimately, whether you want to characterize these connections above and below as additional specific chakras or not, they are natural extensions of the seven chakra system which can help us pay attention to our grounding and centering, to our connection with the divine, and other parts of our metaphysical makeup. Continue reading

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Meditation Moment: Connection and Context

Last month, I talked about letting go of time to be wholly in the present moment. Worrying about a few pieces of the past or future disconnects us from the present moment, and also leads us to ignore the rest … Continue reading

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TRI cleanup: Personal reflections

I’d like to share a few personal reflections on the Teddy Roosevelt Island cleanup. First, I’m deeply touched that so many people thought this project was worth their time and effort. I respect organizations that require community service or volunteer … Continue reading

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Element Associations: an exercise

I’ve been reading some of Mary K. Greer’s excellent books on Tarot lately. One of my favorite things about Greer’s books is that she includes lots of interactive exercises for the reader. This can make just flipping through the books … Continue reading

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Witch wear: Religion as performance art?

What do Witches wear? And why do Wiccan authors devote so much space to this? In more than one book I’ve reviewed recently, and in even more that I’ve taken a cursory glance at, the question of what Witches wear … Continue reading

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Daily practice and being in relationship

Hecate has another great post up about living in relationship with a specific piece of land. When I commented that this, like a relationship with another person, takes effort, Hecate expanded on that and linked it with the importance of … Continue reading

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Drawing down the moon: You’re not alone

The new song “You’re Not Alone” by Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy really expresses to me one of the things that Drawing Down the Moon is all about. These lovely lines capture it: Open up, this is a raid I … Continue reading

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