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Pagan framing: Responding to news stories of alleged satanic murders

A young woman in Pennsylvania has admitted knifing one man and now claims that this is only the latest in a string of 22 murders which she committed because she was in a “satanic cult.” Pagans, please think before you … Continue reading

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Wiccans in British Columbia, and an example of mediocre framing

I’ve been quiet lately because I was trying to get ready for an exciting trip with family, but I’ve come down with an annoying infection and am not allowed to travel. It’s proving pretty stubborn, so I’m resting a lot. … Continue reading

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The Pagan Blood Libel and the Bad Jackie test

Trigger Warning: imagined threats of kidnap, abuse, and murder involving both adults and children In the course of my interview with her, Vanessa asked me more than once why I think Pagan oppression occurs. I gave answers that I think … Continue reading

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Murders in Mexico: News Awareness for Pagans

Recent murders in Mexico are tragic enough on their own, but they have the potential to cause repercussions for us, too: you should know about them if you ever talk about Paganism to non-Pagans. Three murders in Mexico have resulted … Continue reading

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You’re not doing me any favors

In the midst of a wonderful and spirited discussion on social and political matters this weekend, the following exchange took place: Someone mentioned the “Mormonism is a cult” news splash. The lady next to me turned to me and said, … Continue reading

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Shout-outs via the Humane Society

The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association awarded Dr. Lori Pasternak  its Direct Practitioner of the Year award. Dr. Pasternak works at the Helping Hands clinic in Richmond, VA, a low-cost surgical and dental clinic. I’ve taken animals to Helping Hands … Continue reading

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Framing and giving energy: How we work against DC40 matters

In light of the upcoming DC40 event, a lot of Pagans have expressed the opinion that responding to people like these fringe Christians only gives them more power, that it feeds them more energy to work with. That’s not necessarily … Continue reading

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