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Further thoughts

Follow-ups to a couple of recent posts, plus other assorted thoughts. Guns: Salon explains why the answer is not more guns: But perhaps the biggest problem is the philosophy underpinning notions to arm more people. Goddard of the Brady campaign … Continue reading

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When love spells become rape

As I mentioned in the last post, there were many things that speakers said at Between the Worlds that I was glad to hear people saying, actively, in the Pagan/magical community. There was one glaring omission: “Love spells” as most … Continue reading

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I don’t exist, and other important news

Another GOP politician has revealed his magical powers of anti-science, and he’s come to a startling conclusion: I, dear reader, do not exist! Apparently this post is writing itself. No, really. I fall into the same category of mythical beings … Continue reading

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Imagining Futures

I was doing magic recently that involved imagining the future we want to see as the first step of working to make that future real. I’m going to try continuing that as a way of commenting on some recent political … Continue reading

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Authors you want to love, but can’t

I’ve been reading more Dion Fortune as part of my research. She’s an intriguing author. I want to like her work, I really do. But I can’t. There’s not a whole lot of magical fiction, and she writes it pretty … Continue reading

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A parable: What about a conscience clause for gun sellers?

One of the most weaselly ways that anti-choicers undermine women’s access to reproductive health care, and especially contraception, is so-called “conscience clauses.” These purport to protect the tender religious sensibilities of health care professionals by allowing them to opt out … Continue reading

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At Forging Futures: Choice and the Goddess

Over at Forging Futures, I’ve written about why I think honoring the feminine divine means that we must trust women to make their own choices about their bodies – especially the choice to have an abortion. Given the juxtaposition of … Continue reading

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