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Social change, socialization, and the end of DADT

How ending DADT will spread the idea of equality for people of all orientations among parts of the US population which have previously been most homophobic. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” compromise which allowed gays and lesbians to be members … Continue reading

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DADT, BDUs, and freedom

Shocking news: The military forces its members to break the laws laid down in the Bible! It’s explicitly required in military regulations! They are not allowed to use their First Amendment rights to refuse to participate in these abominable practices! … Continue reading

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Conservative says gender essentialism explains military sexual assaults?

From Right Wing Watch‘s current reporting on the CPAC, including comments made during a panel discussion by Elaine Donnelly: One of Donnelly’s main arguments did not seem exactly respectful of our armed forces: she said repeatedly that servicemembers can’t be … Continue reading

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Suggestion to bigots in hole: stop digging

The person who runs the National Organization For Marriage has said on Facebook that homosexuality should still be considered a mental disorder because mental disorders are defined by the American Psychological Association as “impairment of of an individual’s normal cognitive, … Continue reading

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