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The Bedamnitudes, or, Curses from the Speech in Galt’s Gulch

A satire on the attitudes of the extreme right-wing in America today: Cursed be the poor in spirit: for they desire affirmative action. Cursed be they who mourn: for they expect government death benefits. Cursed be the meek: for they … Continue reading

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“Breaking Curses” a fundamental characteristic of “Apostles”

We’ve been hearing more and more about the New Apostolic Reformation lately, led by “apostles” such as Cindy Jacobs, John Benefiel, and C. Peter Wagner. In a book by Wagner about what it means to be an “apostle” today, he … Continue reading

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Curses, foiled again!

I don’t understand why Wiccans and Pagans continue to shoot themselves in the foot. The latest example is a blog I’ve just started reading that has a three part guest series on curses. Regardless of the good intentions of the … Continue reading

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Review: Horne, Witch, A magickal journey

Horne, Fiona. Witch: A magickal journey a hip guide to modern witchcraft. (Harper Collins, 2000.) Hardback, 358 pages. Originally published as Witch: A personal journey and Witch: A magical year in 1998 and 1999 by Random House, Australia. Fiona Horne … Continue reading

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