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Virginia recognizes me as clergy!

My reapplication today was successful! The Arlington County Court has officially granted me authorization to perform marriages. The process was not entirely painless. Once again, the person who handles the paperwork – I’m not sure if she’s a secretary or … Continue reading

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AU sends letter in support of recognizing me as clergy

Today Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter to the Arlington County Court in support of my application to perform weddings. They are very clear about the situation: Your denial of Priestess Hurley’s application violated the … Continue reading

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Continuing Education for Pagan Clergy

As I crawl out from underneath the summer crud I caught last weekend, I’m starting to put together my continuing education plan for my priestess work. That leads me to ask: what do others’ plans or approaches look like? For … Continue reading

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Virginia refuses to recognize me as clergy

Update: Virginia did eventually recognize me as clergy! The Arlington County Court refused to grant me the right to perform marriages in Virginia, apparently on  the grounds that my “congregation” does not own a building. I presented my certificate of … Continue reading

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Unequal Rites

The magnificent Board Administration Team at The Slacktiverse suggested “Unequal Rites” as the title for their cross-post of my story about being refused clergy status in Virginia. I’m going to borrow that title here to share just a little bit … Continue reading

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I’m ordained!

It’s official: I am now an ordained High Priestess through the Order of the White Moon! This is the culmination of almost two years of work and is a big step in terms of legal recognition for me. I will … Continue reading

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