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Kitty portraits

And now for something completely different! I recently got Robyn at noodlyappendage.com to draw portraits of my four cats. H/t to Mock Ramblings for pointing out Robyn’s sale, and many thanks to Robyn for her wonderful work. I’m sharing these … Continue reading

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The Pride of Heaven

(Please note: This is an example of modern myth-making, which I based in part on the feline pantheon used in the novel The Book of Night With Moon. Author Diane Duane created those characters and owns them; this is written … Continue reading

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The Great Cat in the Sky

Hecate recently quoted the new American Poet Laureate: Isn’t that what it’s about – pretending there’s an alert cat who leaves nothing to chance. And all the jokes about Ceiling Cat aside (srsly!), this made me think of one of … Continue reading

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Dogs are Christians, Cats are Pagans

To restate an old religious joke, dogs are Christians – they believe in you no matter what you do. Cats are Pagans – they want to see the food in the bowl. On an only slightly more serious note, I … Continue reading

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Familiar conversations: Are you sleeping?

Beabea: (beside bed) Mama? Are you sleepin? Literata: (facedown in pillow) mmph B: (jumps up on bed) Mama! You sleep?? L: (mumble) I was. B: (climbs up on top of my back) Oh good. Now you ‘wake, you give pettins! … Continue reading

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Quality Assurance at Literata’s house

I just wanted to give blog readers a view into the rigorous quality assurance procedures applied to all products that come from Literata’s house: First a detailed critique of concept is performed: Then significant readjustments to presentation are made: Then … Continue reading

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This is a means of divination that is equivalent to a Tarot deck, but requires no cards. Instead you need two Twister mats, a catnip mouse, and a cat. Lay the two Twister mats end-to-end so that you have four … Continue reading

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