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Open Hearth Foundation: Pivotal Town Hall meeting

I’ve just found out that the Open Hearth Foundation will be having a “Pivotal Town Hall” meeting on Sunday, February 16th. They have also published a newsletter covering developments in 2013. I will not be able to attend, so I … Continue reading

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Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys

Crossing the River is published! Journeys. Our stories are filled with journeys. Sometimes, though, we neglect the possibility that in our travels we will cross an important boundary, and we may never be the same again. Crossing the River is … Continue reading

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Crossing the River anthology release mid-December

Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys is currently in production and will be available in mid December from Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It features a fantastic mix of authors and topics. Here’s a sneak peek at the table … Continue reading

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Recent labors

I’ve been quiet here lately, mostly to work on my dissertation (a finished draft of a chapter  is such a satisfying thing!), but I’ve also had a few things appear elsewhere. At PaganSquare, I’m tentatively trying a new kind of … Continue reading

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For Boston

May Brigid bring healing to all who need it – including the caregivers. May Morrigan help us understand what happened so that we can respond appropriately. May Manannan help us steer through this storm. May Lu show us his bright … Continue reading

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Ix Chel Wellness: Open house today, Indiegogo campaign ongoing

Some discussion of my trip to Pantheacon will be forthcoming, I promise, now that I’ve got my body back in its accustomed time zone and my feet underneath me and all. In the meantime, I want to share the word … Continue reading

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Commissary accepts food stamps (link to DeCA site)

Does the commissary accept food stamps? Yes. In reviewing some of the statistics for my site, I’ve discovered that a surprisingly high number of people stumble across my site searching for this information. Since my original post about this over … Continue reading

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