Study shamanism

I am currently teaching shamanic journey and healing practices to a small group of students in person in Columbus, Ohio. The schedule for classes is as follows:


April – Intro & Air

May 14 – Fire

June 11 – Water

July 9 – Earth

August 13 – Animal spirits

September 10 – Plant spirits

October 8 – Deity and related spirits

November 12 – Ancestors

December 10 – Mineral spirits


January 14 – Spirits of place

February 11 – Shapeshifting and merging

March 11 – Personal healing

This will complete the first year of shamanic studies focused on doing healing and shamanic journey for oneself. Next spring I will be accepting new students for this first year of studies and offering students who have completed at least ten classes from the first year  for a second year of studies learning to apply shamanism to do healing for others and provide other shamanic services such as house clearing, oracular work, and more.

If you are interested in participating please contact me at literatahurley at gmail dot com.