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National Day of Money, Power, and Politics

Today’s proposed executive order is all about money. Don’t let anyone fool you that it’s about a broader principle of “religious liberty.” Money is a form of power, and the point of today’s exercise is to remove limitations on employing … Continue reading

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Ohio heartbeat bill: pro blastocyte mori…

If in some aching dreams you too could pace sleepless with the choice we find ourselves in, and hear the fear and loathing we will face as people tell us aught we do is sin; If you could feel, with … Continue reading

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To keep the peace in Cleveland

There has been so much violence lately. I have so many thoughts about the proximate and ultimate causes of those incidents, and I am glad that our society is having some of the heartbreaking and necessary discussions around those issues. … Continue reading

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Prayers for Election Day

Today I pray that as many people as possible make it to the polls to vote. Even in an off year, because this is a key piece of political magic. I pray that their votes are counted. I pray that … Continue reading

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Oklahoma bill to discriminate

Marriage licenses, doing it wrong edition! The Oklahoma House has passed a bill that would require all marriage licenses to be signed by clergy. This is a direct attack on separation of church and state: it effectively requires people who … Continue reading

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Invocation for spouse’s retirement

This is the invocation that I delivered at my dear husband’s retirement ceremony last week. As we work through the many Halfway Out of the Dark holidays at this time of year, I hope you and yours have wonderful celebrations … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Endorses Government Prayer (updated)

Why the Supreme Court decision on town government prayer is bad news for religious minorities. Continue reading

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