Ix Chel Wellness: Open house today, Indiegogo campaign ongoing

Some discussion of my trip to Pantheacon will be forthcoming, I promise, now that I’ve got my body back in its accustomed time zone and my feet underneath me and all. In the meantime, I want to share the word about a healer in the local community who’s doing great work: Adam Miramon.

He’s hosting an acupuncture open house today in Takoma Park. There will be free acupuncture mini-sessions and a chance to learn more about acupuncture and Adam’s work overall.

Adam is also currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help launch Ix Chel Wellness, his own acupuncture and Reiki practice. Check it out – he’s got a focused budget, but even trying to start on a shoestring, professional healing takes money.

I’ve been having acupuncture with Adam for a few months now, and it’s having remarkable benefits. He is a skilled practitioner. But above and beyond that, he’s a good healer.

Adam is extremely professional. He does an amazing job of creating and holding a healing space for every session. This differentiates his work from many other experiences of alternative treatment I’ve had, and allows it to be much more effective on a mental and emotional level.

He also has a passionate commitment to strong ethical standards, especially patient privacy. I’ve been studying Reiki with him, and he emphasizes this material in his classes as well, showing that it’s a core component of his identity as a healer.

Donating to the Indiegogo campaign is a way of helping someone from our own community in pursuing his dream in a way that will enable him to serve others. And if you want to experience exemplary complementary medicine for yourself, book an appointment.

(FYI, Adam did not ask me to post any of this, nor am I receiving anything from him in exchange.)


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