Reapplying to the court on Monday

I have high hopes that the Arlington county court will recognize me as clergy soon!

The court responded to the letter from Americans United by apologizing for the “miscommunication” between the clerk of court and myself. They said that I did not need to give a physical location, I only needed to demonstrate a connection between my ministry and the Arlington community and provide my personal contact information, along with the requirements I had already fulfilled. On that basis, I will be reapplying on Monday morning. A member of my local coven has provided a letter of support attesting that I serve the Arlington community.

I would very much appreciate any good energy you want to send in support of my reapplication. I am doing magic to ensure that the process goes smoothly, without further issues being raised, and I sincerely hope that the court has learned about the importance of treating all religions equally.


About Literata

Literata is a Wiccan priestess and writer. She edited Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys, and her poetry, rituals, and nonfiction have appeared in works such as Mandragora, Unto Herself, and Anointed as well as multiple periodicals. Literata has presented rituals and workshops at Sacred Space conference, Fertile Ground Gathering, and other mid-Atlantic venues. Literata offers healing and divination services as well as customized life-cycle rituals. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in history with the support of her husband and four cats.
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  1. Offerings will be made; energy will be sent! Good luck!

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