Backfiring: Ten Commandments posters drive me berserk

From Right Wing Watch: Alabama Lawmaker Wants Ten Commandments Displays To Stop People “From Going Berserk or Killing Folks”. Well, you’ve failed right there, because Ten Commandments posters make me kind of berserk. Note that I’m not actually going to kill anyone, or probably even going to scream about the posters at the top of my lungs, but it definitely makes me want to scream.

For anyone who says the Ten Commandments aren’t a religious document: you fail reading comprehension forever. The first three (or four, depending on your flavor of Christianity) commandments are all about God. One god, no idols, no “taking in vain,” and the Sabbath. (By the way, is that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Or all three?) Well, I’m a polytheist, as well as a Goddess worshipper, I use sacred images in my worship, and I say lots of things that are vain. And include god names. And even things that aren’t very nice. Especially to people who push their religion on me.

This is the literal opposite of the kind of learning from others that the person I admire exhibited by tucking in her cross necklace. This isn’t ceremonial deism or civil religion: this is monotheism and Christianity in my face. This is very, very uncivil religion.


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1 Response to Backfiring: Ten Commandments posters drive me berserk

  1. Sherrian says:

    I admire this guy’s faith in posters.

    Does he really think that the most violent impulses of deeply troubled people can be thwarted by a list of rules tacked to the wall?

    Interesting. Perhaps we could start small, with a less controversial, secular version.
    “No Going Berserk.”
    We can put it right next to the No Smoking signs, and see how well it works.

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