Concentration and combat

As we come down to the wire on possible DADT repeal, the commandant of the Marine Corps has reportedly said that the “distraction” of gays in combat could cause troops to die or be maimed.

If you are so distracted by gays, then that says more about you than it does about gay people.

I honestly can’t imagine what would cause a distraction significant enough to pull someone’s attention away from the life-or-death issues of combat. What is it that he thinks will be so distracting? The irresistible sexual appeal? (Um, you might be having more issues with the “don’t tell” part than you’d like to admit.) The utter hatred and revulsion caused by being within three feet of someone who might be gay? (Wow, you must not get out much.) The way your teammate brilliantly accessorized his BDUs with a pink feather boa and put rhinestones all over his M-16? (Okay, that would cause a problem. But I’m pretty sure we already have regs addressing those sorts of situations.)


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