The Labyrinth and the Wheel

The Wheel of the Year
is turning, turning,
my labyrinthine path
twisting forward and back
never as simple as
going round the edge
(going round the twist?)
even though I know
where I’m going-
to the next Sabbat –
and there’s only one path –
day by day
night by night –
I don’t know how I’ll get there.

I’ll have many more miles
on me when I arrive
than I ever expected,
(it looked simpler on the map!)
so many more miles
than just the circumference
of the Wheel that encompasses
the time-filling curve
the delicate filigree
of the winding way I walk
spiraling in and spiraling out
through the microcosm of nights and days
to the macrocosm of the year
and the life.


About Literata

Literata is a Wiccan priestess and writer. She edited Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys, and her poetry, rituals, and nonfiction have appeared in works such as Mandragora, Unto Herself, and Anointed as well as multiple periodicals. Literata has presented rituals and workshops at Sacred Space conference, Fertile Ground Gathering, and other mid-Atlantic venues. Literata offers healing and divination services as well as customized life-cycle rituals. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in history with the support of her husband and four cats.
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2 Responses to The Labyrinth and the Wheel

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  2. Jingle says:

    turning, twisting…
    love the imagery your words paint.
    beautiful poetry.

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