Let me re-introduce myself

I used to use this blog for freelancing purposes – showing my portfolio, staying in touch with clients, and so on. Over the last year, I’ve basically stopped freelancing, for personal reasons, so I’ve decided to shut down that aspect of the site. I’ve been debating starting to write about my Wiccan faith and practices, and I’ve decided to do so. Mostly, I’d like to share things like book reviews, commentary on the news, and my brief musings and investigations into what it means to be Wiccan, and how I experience that. So, merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!


About Literata

Literata is a Wiccan priestess and writer. She edited Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys, and her poetry, rituals, and nonfiction have appeared in works such as Mandragora, Unto Herself, and Anointed as well as multiple periodicals. Literata has presented rituals and workshops at Sacred Space conference, Fertile Ground Gathering, and other mid-Atlantic venues. Literata offers healing and divination services as well as customized life-cycle rituals. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in history with the support of her husband and four cats.
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