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Ritual for problem-solving using the Seven of Swords

Use the energy of Air and the blessings of Athena to empower steps toward overcoming an obstacle in your life. Continue reading

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How many reversed cards in a Tarot reading?

How many reversed cards should we expect in an average Tarot reading? The binomial probability distribution helps us refine our intuition to understand that six to eight reversals out of ten is normal. Continue reading

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Ritual for Balance using the Two of Swords

Ritual for balance using the breath and two of Swords In this ritual we continue working with the suit of Swords, associated with Air, and thus with ideas, information, communication, and choices. The two of this suit is often described … Continue reading

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Elemental Dignities: a few examples

Considering the Elemental Dignities among three cards can show which cards are supporting and reinforcing and which cards have friction or conflict, adding new depth to a reading. I wrote about using Elemental relationships between Tarot cards and astrological signs … Continue reading

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Ritual for Inspiration using the Ace of Swords

The full moon is coming up! As some of you may have noticed, this month’s full moon falls on Valentines. Let me take a moment to repeat my public service announcements about why you should not do “love spells” because … Continue reading

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Elemental interactions in Tarot

The Weekly Tarot Zodiac is a feature of the Order of the White Moon, the Goddess-centric order that ordained me. The Weekly Tarot Zodiac entry that I wrote for this week is an example of how to use interactions between … Continue reading

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The Fool: A full moon ritual of play and possibilities

To start off the new year, here is a ritual I’ve written to engage with the Fool card of the Tarot, and specifically with the theme of play. Playing can be a way of opening ourselves up to new possibilities … Continue reading

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Tea and Temperance

Today, I found myself in a Tarot card. In her excellent book 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, Mary K. Greer spends a whole chapter on embodiment. (p183 ff) At its most basic, this means mimicking the posture or … Continue reading

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Review: Renee, Tarot Spells

Renee, Janina. Tarot Spells. Llewellyn, revised edition, 2000, originally published 1990. Paperback, 294 pages. More than anything else, this book reminds me of a cookbook. In fact, it reminds me of the Southern Living Annual Cookbooks put out by the … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Fortune or the Wheel of the Year?

(I’m late with my new moon article on divination again; I apologize. The piece I was writing for that decided to grow into something bigger, so in its place I have slightly expanded on this snippet from a lesson I … Continue reading

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