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Cuccinelli v All Acts of Love And Pleasure

My religion encourages oral sex. Ken Cuccinelli, candidate for governor, wants to outlaw it. Why am I not the new face of the brave fight for religious liberty? Seriously, though: Ken Cuccinelli, the current attorney general of Virginia and Republican … Continue reading

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Calling things what they are: firing an employee who was harassed

You read that right. In a recent Iowa case, a dentist fired an employee because she was so attractive that he and his wife were uncomfortable. Several sites have covered this as the “firing attractive employee” case, and that’s bad … Continue reading

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Authors you want to love, but can’t

I’ve been reading more Dion Fortune as part of my research. She’s an intriguing author. I want to like her work, I really do. But I can’t. There’s not a whole lot of magical fiction, and she writes it pretty … Continue reading

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At Forging Futures: Choice and the Goddess

Over at Forging Futures, I’ve written about why I think honoring the feminine divine means that we must trust women to make their own choices about their bodies – especially the choice to have an abortion. Given the juxtaposition of … Continue reading

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The Vagina Creed

  This is my vagina. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My vagina is part of my life. I must have consent for it as I must have consent for my life. My vagina and I … Continue reading

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Tam Lin: a reunderstanding of desire

If you haven’t heard the Tricky Pixie recording of Tam Lin, go do that. I’ll wait. Really. (Eventually I’ll even edit in the right link, promise.) Tam Lin is a story and a song that can be told many ways. … Continue reading

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More proxy Mormon rites: Jefferson and Hemings?

Trigger Warning: Rape Like proxy baptisms, Mormons also perform proxy “sealings” – what most people would call a wedding or handfasting. It turns out that plenty of historical figures have had this rite performed for them, including Thomas Jefferson and … Continue reading

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I stand with Sandra Fluke

Add Janet Mefferd to the (apparently long) list of people who think I should die. She thinks I should “pay for” having sex. Well, I have paid, and it wasn’t cheap. But the alternative was death. Reproductive health care isn’t … Continue reading

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Feelings in a marriage should include fear?

As the reproductive health care battleground becomes criss-crossed with trenches of advancing legislation, I have been remembering a conversation about the Catholic position on birth control that I had in my undergrad days. I was Christian, back then, and although … Continue reading

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Review: Lale, Asatru for Beginners

Lale, Erin. Asatru for Beginners. e-book second edition, 2009. 157 pages. Asatru for Beginners is by Erin Lale, an Asatruar who has run for office as a candidate for the Libertarian party. Lale moderated an MSN group for Asatruar for … Continue reading

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