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Navy Chaplains, Damn Lies, and Statistics

In the latest example of stunning dishonesty from conservative Christians who want to view themselves as persecuted, a group of Navy Chaplains has apparently enlisted a damn liar statistician to “prove” that they’re being discriminated against by not being promoted … Continue reading

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Given names: Up now at the Slacktiverse!

I’ve got a new piece up at the Slacktiverse called “Given names,” on the topic of names and power. I draw from several different examples and intersections: military interactions, men using women’s names to create an unwanted sense of intimacy, … Continue reading

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Protect us all, or let it be

Since the Supreme Court affirmed that the execrable calumny produced by Fred Phelps’ clan (Westboro Baptist Church) is protected speech, Congress is considering passing laws that would expand the exclusion zones of time and space around military funerals. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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Imagine this: OPF

Imagine the uproar that would happen if a conservative Christian picked up a brochure in the Chaplain’s office that read: Officers’ Pagan Fellowship (OPF) of the U.S.A. was formed in 2011, in the midst of the longest-running wars in US … Continue reading

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Protected speech: Ur doin it rong.

Slacktivist recently argued that If [groups spouting anti-gay diatribes] have been arguing in good faith all along, then they will be gladdened by yesterday’s decision. They will be happy to learn that they need not fear any abridgment of their … Continue reading

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DADT, BDUs, and freedom

Shocking news: The military forces its members to break the laws laid down in the Bible! It’s explicitly required in military regulations! They are not allowed to use their First Amendment rights to refuse to participate in these abominable practices! … Continue reading

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Conscientious objectors and medical care

In my last post, I explained why people who purport to object to abortion on moral grounds are being hypocrites by trying to legislatively restrict women’s health care choices, especially through control of funding. I compared opposition to abortion to … Continue reading

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Resisting government funding of abortion: a comparison

Bottom line up front: People opposed to abortion have a perfect example of how to resist what they perceive as government funding of an immoral action: the movement to resist paying taxes that support war. If people opposed to abortion … Continue reading

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Conservative says gender essentialism explains military sexual assaults?

From Right Wing Watch‘s current reporting on the CPAC, including comments made during a panel discussion by Elaine Donnelly: One of Donnelly’s main arguments did not seem exactly respectful of our armed forces: she said repeatedly that servicemembers can’t be … Continue reading

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When they pray for Christian leadership, is this what they mean?

A Navy officer, Captain Honors, has been relieved of command over inappropriate videos that he created and broadcast to subordinates some years ago. But now the investigation has expanded to include what his commanding officers, including the captain of the … Continue reading

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