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Animal signs

A few of my experiences getting divinatory messages from animals’ appearances or behaviors… Continue reading

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Earth Day – Romancing the Landbase

Make an offering and deepen your relationship… Continue reading

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Dupont Henge today

The Express had a little article on Friday saying that today at 12:30 the sun will shine directly down the tunnel of Dupont Circle’s south entrance. Anybody want to go see? I should have kept a copy of the article, … Continue reading

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No unsacred place, or, I do not want to be the Poop Fairy

How would we behave differently if we believed that every place was sacred – if not to us, then to someone? I have a special relationship with Theodore Roosevelt Island. It’s my “home” park, here in the urban hinterland. It’s … Continue reading

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Landbase begins at home

I’ve been quiet here the last few days because I’ve been busy with a number of things. One of those has been getting the carpet cleaned. I was reading Hecate’s latest wonderful piece on landbase, and I was honored that … Continue reading

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Holy places

I visited the National Cathedral last week, and I was struck by how odd it seemed to me as a holy place. Don’t get me wrong; the cathedral is beautiful and well worth seeing and can be a pleasant place … Continue reading

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Landbases and moving over time

I wanted to let that last post stand on its own, but also provide some background. I’ve been spending some time, both earlier this winter/spring and just in the last few days, in the part of the country where I … Continue reading

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Waiting for the bus: A hymn to the landbase of my youth

This time of year, the pine trees do the Great Rite so exuberantly that the streets are paved with gold and my nose runs until I feel utterly zero desire for anything besides a tissue, and I remember… When I … Continue reading

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