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Christian Dominionist bingo

More Friday fun with bingo! Click the image for larger size. Bonus points for using both arguments in the same-colored square. Many thanks to Grafton again.

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Anti-Pagan bingo

Time for some Friday fun! Image here, text version below. Colored squares are for bonus points: if someone uses both arguments in a particular color, give them a gold star for lack of intellectual consistency. That’s not a real religion. … Continue reading

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Contemporary Deities: Eris and Weasel Wicca

I’m going to feature some pieces and guest posts further exploring contemporary deities. If you’ve got one to suggest, please write to me at literatahurley at gmail. One of my favorite examples of a ha-ha-only-serious approach to religion is Weasel … Continue reading

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Irene: with continuing updates

Dear all, Spouse and I are putting our final preparations in place. We expect to have no problems riding the storm out, but just in case, I’ll use this post as an information center and will post updates every few … Continue reading

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The Great Cat in the Sky

Hecate recently quoted the new American Poet Laureate: Isn’t that what it’s about – pretending there’s an alert cat who leaves nothing to chance. And all the jokes about Ceiling Cat aside (srsly!), this made me think of one of … Continue reading

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Dogs are Christians, Cats are Pagans

To restate an old religious joke, dogs are Christians – they believe in you no matter what you do. Cats are Pagans – they want to see the food in the bowl. On an only slightly more serious note, I … Continue reading

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Zombies, tokenism, and greatness

xkcd, a great geeky webcomic, features Zombie Marie Curie in today’s strip. ZMC says she’s tired of being THE token female scientist and spends some time talking about other great women scientists and mathematicians, but her real point is: You … Continue reading

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Vote Tea Party

  A recent article on Vanity Fair about current issues as a result of economic inequality said: The more divided a society becomes in terms of wealth, the more reluctant the wealthy become to spend money on common needs. The … Continue reading

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Reflections on cruising

I’m back on terra firma again after a week on a cruise vacation with Spouse and Spouse’s Parents. Not quite home yet, so still somewhat limited in terms of my internet connection, but I’m in the process of getting caught … Continue reading

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Act I: Dr. Horrible

On Friday evening, Spouse and I saw a live performance of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It was very cool, and the staging gave me more to think about. Spoilers below the fold!

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