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Columbia and Justice for women’s choices

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in cases that have to do with the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for insurance plans to cover contraception. I renew my prayers to Justice and to Columbia: Justice, be not blind, but … Continue reading

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Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul published

Bad news first: Crossing the River has been delayed slightly, because the publisher had to deal with another anthology first. We’re shooting for January now. Good news: The anthology Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul, edited by Tara Masery … Continue reading

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Further thoughts

Follow-ups to a couple of recent posts, plus other assorted thoughts. Guns: Salon explains why the answer is not more guns: But perhaps the biggest problem is the philosophy underpinning notions to arm more people. Goddard of the Brady campaign … Continue reading

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Limited success on Virginia TRAP laws

That previous post might have seemed to come out of left field. It was in response to a handful of the latest events in the war on women, particularly the conjunction of the impending vote by the Virginia Board of … Continue reading

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Catching up but still speechless

I haven’t been posting much for a variety of reasons. It’s spring break here, in more ways than one, and I’ve needed the rest. But I’ve also been alternately too appalled, too angry, too depressed, too scared, and too speechless … Continue reading

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A prayer to Justice

Since conservative Christians have decided to go on a prayer offensive about the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on the Affordable Care Act, and will do so again in hopes of trying to take away women’s freedoms, here is my prayer … Continue reading

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Conservative Christians to “encircle” Supreme Court

In just a few weeks, the Supreme Court will hear the case that claims the Affordable Health Care Act is unconstitutional. Conservative Christian groups have latched on to this as part of the ongoing war on women in an effort … Continue reading

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I stand with Sandra Fluke

Add Janet Mefferd to the (apparently long) list of people who think I should die. She thinks I should “pay for” having sex. Well, I have paid, and it wasn’t cheap. But the alternative was death. Reproductive health care isn’t … Continue reading

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From the trenches of the war on women

If in some aching dreams you too could pace sleepless with the choice we find ourselves in, and hear the fear and loathing we will face as people tell us aught we do is sin; If you could feel, with … Continue reading

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Why I work on women’s health issues

Lit Spouse and I were recently deciding on our donations through the Combined Federal Campaign, an all-in-one fundraiser that allows federal employees to contribute to non-profit groups through payroll deduction. We talked about how to apportion our donations to different … Continue reading

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