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Review: Gadon, The Once and Future Goddess

Gadon, Elinor. The Once and Future Goddess: A symbol for our time. HarperCollins, 1989. Paperback, 405 pages. The effort to recognize and restore the place of female power, authority, and divinity, especially in areas of study like archaeology, prehistory, and … Continue reading

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Review: Lale, Asatru for Beginners

Lale, Erin. Asatru for Beginners. e-book second edition, 2009. 157 pages. Asatru for Beginners is by Erin Lale, an Asatruar who has run for office as a candidate for the Libertarian party. Lale moderated an MSN group for Asatruar for … Continue reading

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Janet Porter wants me to die

That’s the message she rallied her supporters to send to the Ohio legislature today. And Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Mike Huckabee all agree with her. Trigger Warning: difficult pregnancy, death I used to live in Ohio. If I were … Continue reading

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Given names: Up now at the Slacktiverse!

I’ve got a new piece up at the Slacktiverse called “Given names,” on the topic of names and power. I draw from several different examples and intersections: military interactions, men using women’s names to create an unwanted sense of intimacy, … Continue reading

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Why the individual mandate is absolutely essential to changing our health insurance model

Skylandia has this great post up about how health insurance is not like car insurance. This is a false equivalency that’s just as bad as the idea that government budgeting is just like household budgeting, and resistance to changing the … Continue reading

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Wiccans worship Goddess and God – RD revises article

Religion Dispatches corrected an article that said that Wiccans “don’t worship a dude at all, but a female goddess,” after readers wrote in to say that Wicca usually involves interpreting the divine as having both male and female forms. Gary … Continue reading

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My iPad and my feminism

After raving about the iPad’s capabilities, it’s only fair to point out that the technology is only as good as people make it. There’s a lot of stuff on the iPad app store that really annoys me, and most of … Continue reading

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What strippers taught me about unions

Most of what I know about unions I learned from Live Nude Girls Unite! That’s a film documenting the successful labor-organizing efforts of the strippers at San Francisco’s Lusty Lady peepshow in 1996 and 1997. (A summary of the workers’ … Continue reading

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I don’t pick up your socks or raise your consciousness

There’s a piece called Femininity 2.0 in the Huffington Post that is a masterpiece of gender essentialism. I think the author and I would agree on many positive changes that we’d like to see in the world, but disagree vehemently … Continue reading

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Tolerance, pluralism, and safe space

There’s been some major upheaval on another blog I read frequently: the blogger has moved to the Patheos portal, and a lot of his very active and tightly-knit community of commenters are seriously upset about this, because Patheos does not … Continue reading

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