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Who is your dark moon goddess?

I work with two primary goddesses, Brigid and Morrigan. In my work, they form a complementary pairing. Brigid usually takes the creative and healing roles, while the Morrigan is the goddess I turn to when I need to work through … Continue reading

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Kindle the fire in my deep well

Kindle the fire in my deep well, lady, being the light in the midst of the dark, healing the old wounds, the deep ones, the scarred ones, believing in life in the middle of winter. Kindle the fire in my … Continue reading

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Mabon: Jewels and Fruit

Grounding and centering. I breathe in, and out. I sink my roots down, deeper, deeper. Breathe. Sink. Breathe. Sink. When I am grounded, deep in the dark, I find the Mother. I spread my hands before her, and my tears … Continue reading

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Continuing Education for Pagan Clergy

As I crawl out from underneath the summer crud I caught last weekend, I’m starting to put together my continuing education plan for my priestess work. That leads me to ask: what do others’ plans or approaches look like? For … Continue reading

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Holy places

I visited the National Cathedral last week, and I was struck by how odd it seemed to me as a holy place. Don’t get me wrong; the cathedral is beautiful and well worth seeing and can be a pleasant place … Continue reading

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Tam Lin: a reunderstanding of desire

If you haven’t heard the Tricky Pixie recording of Tam Lin, go do that. I’ll wait. Really. (Eventually I’ll even edit in the right link, promise.) Tam Lin is a story and a song that can be told many ways. … Continue reading

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Is “gods” part of the problem?

No, I haven’t lost my grammar marbles. I’m wondering whether the using the term “gods” contributes to some of the problems people have with the idea of deities, powers, or what-have-you. When I was responding to M. J. Hall’s post, … Continue reading

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Missing the point of metaphor

Metaphors aren’t false or true. They’re both at once. That’s the point of metaphor. Ok, let me back up. I recently started following John Halstead’s blog, and while so far I have only skimmed the surface of his suggestions for … Continue reading

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The love of the body

…if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you shall never find it without. -Doreen Valiente, The Charge of the Goddess, Starhawk’s revision One of the things that neither of my parents really passed on to me was … Continue reading

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More proxy Mormon rites: Jefferson and Hemings?

Trigger Warning: Rape Like proxy baptisms, Mormons also perform proxy “sealings” – what most people would call a wedding or handfasting. It turns out that plenty of historical figures have had this rite performed for them, including Thomas Jefferson and … Continue reading

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